Why don’t books come with a digital version?

I’m reading a book. It’s a wonderful book: Salman Rushdie’s memoir ‘Joseph Anton.’ And the thing itself is beautiful: well-printed and bound with a vellum-feel to the cover underneath the dust-jacket. Just look at it. It’s just the sort of book you’d want to own, to cherish and to keep for the rest of your … More Why don’t books come with a digital version?

Colorblind James

I was listening last night to the first two Colorblind James Experience albums, the first time in a long time. The songs really stand the test of time, particularly ‘Considering a Move to Memphis’ and ‘A Different Bob.’ They’re still quirky, amusing, endearing and strangely catchy. I’d completely forgotten, that my copy of the second … More Colorblind James

Cocteaus. In a box.

Here’s my lovely Cocteau Twins box set of the first four albums, remastered and pressed on heavy vinyl in new sleeves and a sumptuous Vaughan Oliver-designed box. What a birthday present! One of only 700, but sorry, purist collectors, I had to take the discs out of the cellophane and play them. And they sound … More Cocteaus. In a box.