Patrick Hannan, ‘Wales Off Message’

I recently re-read Patrick Hannan’s ‘Wales Off Message’. Published in 2000 the events and misadventures in Welsh politics it recounts are all familiar to me although he always managed to find a new angle from which to view those events or a undiscovered nugget of fascination, such as Rhodri Morgan’s unprecedented tidying of his sock … More Patrick Hannan, ‘Wales Off Message’

Groom of the Stool: Robert Shepherd, ‘Westminster: A Biography’

Robert Shepherd’s ‘Westminster: a Biography’ covers the whole lifespan of the marshy island which became the centre of power and government in Britain. For me, Westminster has become a workplace and I often forget the history behind the buildings which have shaped the form of government operating in Britain. As a result of this book, … More Groom of the Stool: Robert Shepherd, ‘Westminster: A Biography’

Face to Face 2012

In my day job I spend a lot of time interviewing people, but usually there’s not enough time to find out more about them. This year though I’ve had an amazing opportunity to do some much longer one-to-one interviews for an ITV Wales programme called Face to Face. You can watch each of the 13 … More Face to Face 2012