Songs of 2016

Three songs have haunted me in 2016 and will do so for a long time. Each one is among the most extraordinary that I’ve ever heard. In order, they are:          

Top 10 Songs 2015

In no particular order, 10 of my favourites from 2015 plus a cheeky two that I missed in 2014. The Color Waves ‘Chirology’ Adult Mom ‘Survival’ The Joy Formidable ‘Y Garreg Ateb’ San Fermin ‘Jackrabbit’ Lanterns on the Lake ‘Faultlines’ Paper Aeroplanes ‘Sail’ Courtney Barnett ‘Nobody Really Cares if You Don’t Go to the Party’ … More Top 10 Songs 2015

Songs of 2014

The 20 songs I’ve been listening to and loving most this year. 20. Doe ‘Unrested’ 19. EMA ‘So Blonde’ 18. I Break Horses ‘Medicine Brush’ 17. Little Arrow ‘Spider’ 16. Little Big League ‘Boyish’ 15. The History of Apple Pie ‘Keep Wondering’ I can’t find a video or sound cloud file for this one. It’s worth … More Songs of 2014

Song for Saturday: ‘Old Black Hen’ by Songs:Ohia

Here’s a confession: I have Americanaphobia. I fear that if I allow into my life too much of it then, before I know it, one day I’ll find myself enjoying, say, Lady Antebellum. And that would be a terrible fate. The trouble is, I keep coming across artists who can clearly be labelled ‘Americana’ whom I … More Song for Saturday: ‘Old Black Hen’ by Songs:Ohia