Face to Face 2012

In my day job I spend a lot of time interviewing people, but usually there’s not enough time to find out more about them. This year though I’ve had an amazing opportunity to do some much longer one-to-one interviews for an ITV Wales programme called Face to Face. You can watch each of the 13 … More Face to Face 2012

All change

This blog has been private since I started it last March and if you can be bothered to scroll down you’ll see that I’ve been using it to try out different styles of blogging. From now on, this won’t be hidden from search engines, but it will continue to be my personal outlet. I have … More All change

The Bill RIP

The news that ITV is axing the Bill after 27 years reminded me of my brush with the programme. In the early 90s I was living in a hall of residence in Tooting while I was training as a journalist. One morning there was a lot of noise and activity in my corridor and we … More The Bill RIP