War, Peace and the Raconteur

I’ve talked about the literary magazine, the Raconteur several times before now, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that it’s been relaunched as an online literary magazine. I hosted a session with the editors at this year’s BayLit festival in Cardiff to discuss the reasons why and how what they do is likely to be affected … More War, Peace and the Raconteur

Conrad & Me

I’ve previously mentioned those fine friends of mine at the Raconteur, a literary magazine full of idealism and optimism about literature and the sheer pleasure of writing and reading. Of course, my view is entirely unaffected by the fact they’ve given me chance to write at length about the literature I love. I want to share … More Conrad & Me

The Made-up Men

I’ve just finished an article for the next issue of the Raconteur magazine looking at two famous fictional men who created their own identities: Jay Gatsby, from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Don Draper from the TV series ‘Mad Men.’ Clearly the latter was based on the former but they are both fascinating … More The Made-up Men

The Raconteur

I’m really enjoying issue number 4 of the Raconteur . It’s a literary magazine run by a couple of friends of mine. They call themselves a ‘little magazine’ but its little only in terms of its readership (so far) – it’s certainly not little when it comes to ambition. In fact when it comes to … More The Raconteur