‘Honours for Sale: The Strange Story of Maundy Gregory’ by Gerald McMillan

It is a strange story and one that has been told elsewhere rather more fully than Gerald McMillan was able to in 1954 I think, but the book – stamped ‘Dowlais Library’ has been sitting on the windowsill in our Assembly office for as long as I’ve worked there and curiosity finally got the better of me. Maundy … More ‘Honours for Sale: The Strange Story of Maundy Gregory’ by Gerald McMillan

‘In It Together’ by Matthew D’Ancona

  If you have the slightest interest in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, this book is essential reading. It explains how the coalition came about (and how much secret preparation had been made in the run-up to the 2010 election despite public disavowals) and how it continued to exist despite some severe internal and external … More ‘In It Together’ by Matthew D’Ancona

Patrick Hannan, ‘Wales Off Message’

I recently re-read Patrick Hannan’s ‘Wales Off Message’. Published in 2000 the events and misadventures in Welsh politics it recounts are all familiar to me although he always managed to find a new angle from which to view those events or a undiscovered nugget of fascination, such as Rhodri Morgan’s unprecedented tidying of his sock … More Patrick Hannan, ‘Wales Off Message’

Groom of the Stool: Robert Shepherd, ‘Westminster: A Biography’

Robert Shepherd’s ‘Westminster: a Biography’ covers the whole lifespan of the marshy island which became the centre of power and government in Britain. For me, Westminster has become a workplace and I often forget the history behind the buildings which have shaped the form of government operating in Britain. As a result of this book, … More Groom of the Stool: Robert Shepherd, ‘Westminster: A Biography’

The Unusual Suspect

Paul Flynn’s autobiography the Unusual Suspect has already generated headlines and controversy and even an Early Day Motion. All good publicity I’m sure, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is, as you’d expect, a good read.  And away from the newsy bits, there are plenty of interesting titbits. For instance, I didn’t … More The Unusual Suspect