Top 10 Songs 2015

In no particular order, 10 of my favourites from 2015 plus a cheeky two that I missed in 2014. The Color Waves ‘Chirology’ Adult Mom ‘Survival’ The Joy Formidable ‘Y Garreg Ateb’ San Fermin ‘Jackrabbit’ Lanterns on the Lake ‘Faultlines’ Paper Aeroplanes ‘Sail’ Courtney Barnett ‘Nobody Really Cares if You Don’t Go to the Party’ … More Top 10 Songs 2015

Carmen Mills paintings, National Assembly for Wales

  These splendid splashes of colour are on display in the office-block part of the National Assembly for Wales and they deserve being shared more widely. They’re by Carmen Mills who’s based in Aberystwyth but that’s all I know about her. Here’s the link to her blog. And here are some more of her abstracts which are … More Carmen Mills paintings, National Assembly for Wales

Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition, Aberystwyth 

 While covering a conference at Aberystwyth Arts centre there’s usually a chance to have a quick look at whatever exhibitions are currently there. This weekend that meant seeing the excellent photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe. It’s part of the Tate’s Artist Rooms on Tour project which you can find out about here. It’s on at Aberystwyth till … More Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition, Aberystwyth 

Andy Beckett, ‘Promised You a Miracle’

Far from another exercise in eighties nostalgia, this book is a fascinating closer examination of a couple of years that apparently changed Britain forever. It’s fair to say that Beckett is uncertain about the value of this change although he’s open-minded enough to acknowledge the many benefits it brought as well as recognising the human … More Andy Beckett, ‘Promised You a Miracle’