If you’re looking for details of my role as Political Editor for ITV Cymru Wales, please click here. You’ll find my biog, contact information and links to all my programmes.

This blog is my space for sharing and discussing books, music, art and anything else that takes my fancy. Feel free to comment.

It’s not meant to be serious: these posts aren’t reviews, just expressions of enthusiasm or interest. Be warned that there’ll probably be rather too many mentions of Cocteau Twins for many people’s liking.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Adrian,

    Read your review of the fiction for the Dylan Thomas prize with interest. An honest appraisal.

    On the music side, can you get in a mention of what happens in north Wales? Denise and I went to Liverpool to the Philharmonic recently and it was wonderful.

    Find the WAR rewarding; some excellent people writing for it.

    Keep up the good work,


    John Idris Jones Ruthin

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying – thankyou for your comments. Much appreciated. I will pass on your comments to WAR too – I know they’ll appreciate them. I imagine they’d be very interested in arts coverage from the north – do you know anyone who’d want to write for them? Maybe yourself.

      Hope you’re well. Thanks again for your interest.


      1. Dear Adrian,

        I have taken up your suggestion and had some material published in WAR. The last one was based on a visit Denise and I made to the Liverpool Phil, seeing a piano piece by Schumann and a sturdy and noisy Sumphony 6 Bruckner. All very much enjoyed.

  2. Dear Adrian, I’m editor of a nonprofit magazine called Reinventing Home see http://www.reinventinghome.org and we’re doing an article on the houses of Virginia Woolf. I wonder if we might have permission to use two of your pictures of Tolland house. The one through the window, and the one of the main facade. We will of course credit you and provide a link here, if you wish. Please let me know at your earlier convenience, if you have a high res jpeg you can send us for best reproduction. And if you have any of Monk’s House or any other of her homes! Thank you so much for your excellent blog. Email me at my personal address: valwords@gmail.com
    All best,

    1. Hi Valerie, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, feel free to use the photos but if you could please credit and link I’d be very grateful. They’re iPhone photos but I’ll email my versions of them to you now. I do have some Monk’s House and Charleston (Vanessa Bell’s home) too

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