Nothing Has Changed

My first book is an account of the extraordinary 2017 General Election as seen by me. It was an election like no other and I hope I’ve given some sense of the excitement, energy and sometimes downright bafflement involved in covering it.

IMG_8026You can buy ‘Nothing Has Changed’ directly from the Parthian books website here.  Here’s a review by the former Welsh Government minister Leighton Andrews.  And here’s an interview I did with Wales Arts Review about writing the book. 



2 thoughts on “Nothing Has Changed

  1. Got it, loved it! Waiting for the next one. Really tells the story of the ever changing politics Adrian was able to be a part of. Very interesting to learn how this all came together, from his point of view, and written in a way that meant I couldn’t put it down. Most certainly recommended and a really useful book to look back on, bearing in mind the changes we are experiencing right now.

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