Hello summer!


‘Back soon’ now seems a little optimistic. In my defence, the most interesting and exciting election of my career was bound to have an impact on my other interests let alone my social life!

New music is what’s really gone by the board. I’ve listened to some but much less than usual and getting to listen to records was virtually impossible for the first half of the year. Instead I’ve been listening much more to old and much-loved music which is a good thing.

It affected my reading in two ways. For the first half of the year I couldn’t read any fiction so any books that I bothered with outside of manifestos were exclusively political. Now that I’ve had a few weeks’ break, I’ve gone back to fiction with a vengeance. These are the books that I read in July and the first half of August:

Books read July August 2015

I’ll try to write something about all of them in the coming weeks. I can’t keep that sort of pace up but it’s made me very happy to consume so much.

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