Friday Picture: Pablo Picasso, ‘Mère et Enfant’


I’m posting this week’s picture a little early because I’m expecting my Friday to be a little busy!

I’m in Edinburgh covering Scotland’s independence referendum and managed to snatch a couple of hours to feast my eyes on this jaw-droppingly beautiful city as well as to pay my first visit to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Disappointingly, the Gwen John paintings I’d hoped to see weren’t on display, but what I did see was a wonderful surprise.

It was one of those moments when you keep being drawn back to a painting. I walked away and returned several times and, before I left the gallery, went back again!

It’s so sad, tender and full mystery. In just a few lines and shapes, drenched in moody blues and greens, Picasso makes you wonder if the baby is crying or sleeping, why the woman is alone and what’s brought her to this place, which is likely to be a prison? Is the shape at her feet a crib or a pile of laundry? Amazing.

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