Newport Transporter Bridge

It’s around this time of year that I like to ascend any nearby iron structures and luckily there is one of the best nearby. I’ve known Newport’s Transporter Bridge my whole life. When I was little it fascinated me and terrified me, particularly when you’re hovering over the middle of a deep and muddy river hanging from delicate-looking cables. I’d also listen, appalled, to my parents’ stories of a time when people were allowed to climb up to the top and walk across which is something that was banned when I was little but you can now do in return for a small fee which goes to the Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge. I’ve been up and over quite a few times, but it’s never anything less than impressive and never stops being just a little bit terrifying.

2 thoughts on “Newport Transporter Bridge

  1. Adrian, great photos and thanks for sharing. My father used to recount stories of actually jumping off the iconic bridge in his younger days! Its great that Newport has kept the bridge open and it’s continued as a symbol of our home town

    1. Thank you! I can’t believe your father jumped from it: that’s really terrifying. I think it takes a lot of work maintaining and manning the bridge so I too am very appreciative of that effort. Particularly from the volunteers.

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