Relics 7: George Magazine

George Magazines
George Magazines

These are amongst the relics which exist in photo form only. I had to clear out vast piles of newspapers and magazines which was creating far too much pressure on the joists of my attic and for those I was ruthless with, I took photos to remember them.

George magazine was an extraordinary thing: published by John F. Kennedy Jnr, it set out to treat politics with the same mixture of glamour and excitement that movie, music and celebrity magazines devote to their subjects. I’m not sure that the world was quite ready for a politics as lifestyle magazine – in fact I’m not sure it ever will be.

I enjoyed it though and got myself a subscription which, astoundingly as it seems now, wasn’t very easy to do in 1995. It involved a transatlantic phone-call to pay for it and a month wait for a magazine which was published every two months. That only added to the exoticism of it.

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