Still a fan in my forties

The second best thing about blogging about the music I like is that the people who make that music often get to see what I say about it but the very best thing is when they get in touch.

After I posted my songs of the year, I was delighted to receive this message in my comments from the person behind my Number 1 of 2012:

Diolch yn fawr Adrian!

She also linked to the post on her Facebook page. Meanwhile the brilliant Free Swim tweeted that I’d included them:


I’ve already posted this thankyou note that came from Islet who made my album of the year.



And I received this tweet from Georgia Ruth whose ep I included in the same list:

I love this interaction with the people whose music I’m listening to. A couple of years ago I blogged about a song I loved when I was a teenager, ‘Summer Spies’ by Fatal Charm. My 7″ single was wrecked beyond repair and I was pleased it had suddenly appeared in itunes. Months later this message appeared in my comments:

Hi there. I am the singer of Summer Spies! Glad you like it! We have an official facebook page now:
Plus a website – of course!
We are looking for a bass player at the moment as we want to play live again – before we croak! If you know of anyone within a reasonable radius of Nottingham who might be interested – get in touch!
see you
sarah x

The 15 year old me would have been overjoyed by that. The 43 year old version still is.

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