I was going to recycle some of my really old pop magazines but @djleekee salvaged them. He’s scanned one of them: Disco 45 and you can see it all here. It should probably count as one of my Relics!

DJ Leekee Online

A work colleague had tweeted that they had recently unearthed some old magazines from their home and had plonked them in their recycling bin to be later disposed of. I instantly tweeted that they needed saving and that I would sift through them and do something more useful with them.

I feel it’s such a shame when something old and collectable is thrown away when there may be some collector out there who has a few holes in their collection and these editions could be just what they are after!

Most of the magazines are from the 1980 – 1981 era and encompass Smash Hits, No1, NME and Melody Maker – of which most people are familiar with. The one that I wasn’t familiar with is a magazine called Disco 45.

Even though most people remember Smash Hits it was infact Disco 45 magazine that came first when it…

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