A message from Elizabeth Fraser

This popped up in the inbox today. A very nice touch and it contains more than a hint that the recent gigs have persuaded her to return to live performing. On twitter, one of her backing singers said she thought more were planned for next spring.

Elizabeth Fraser
A Message From Elizabeth

With each passing day these recent events become a more meaningful and powerful experience.
I feel a rare sense of freedom of having emerged at last.
This triumph is due to the gentle and perceptive nature of Antony (Hegarty) and the warmth of friendship and artistic empathy shared with the gifted musicians that performed with me onstage – and of course You.
Thank you so much for your loving and enthusiastic response and for showing such a deep interest in the creativity.

– Warmest Wishes Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “A message from Elizabeth Fraser

  1. At least she didn’t tell us off for posting videos on YouTube! I hope this means THE album is going to materialise sooner rather than later…

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