Relics 3: Whoopee and Buster comics

There’s been a lot of coverage today about the supposed possibility that the Dandy could close before its 75th birthday.

I wouldn’t worry too much: we’ve been here before with DC Thompson’s publicity stunts – remember when Dennis the Menace was going to wear a shell suit instead of his striped jumper?

And sad as it would be, of course, I won’t be overly upset: I was never a great fan of the Dandy. I found the Beano a little bit old-fashioned too. What I really loved were the IPC comics of the 70s, particularly Whoopee and Buster.

Until I was stopped from reading comics because my primary school teacher called my mother into school to point out that I was using exclamation marks at the end of every sentence, my granddad had a weekly order for me at his local newsagent.

It began, I think, with Buster but at some stage turned into Whoopee and also Whizzer and Chips. Then there was Krazy which I loved most of all because of the ingenious back covers which disguised the comic as highbrow books.

These two are all I have left and of course I’ve kept them.

One thought on “Relics 3: Whoopee and Buster comics

  1. I was a Buster man myself! Friend living opposite me was a Whizzer and Chips fan and we used to swap. But strangely we both used to get BOTH annuals at Christmas!

    Wonder if I got any comics lurking anywhere?

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