Relics 2: Cocteau Twins Poster

It seems very timely to dig this out, given that I’ve just seen Elizabeth Fraser perform live for the first time in nearly two decades. More than two decades ago I saw her for the first time and bought this.

The gig was at Bristol Studio. It was October 1990 and this was the Heaven or Las Vegas tour. They’d been absent for a while but had returned with an album which seemed to bring together all their amazing elements with something which would make mainstream sense. It didn’t, of course, but it remains a gloriously happy album to listen to.

I was working in a warehouse in Bristol after university and was trying to save money for travelling. But this was too good an opportunity and I bought tickets for this gig and one at the Town and Country club in London. I seem to remember buying extra tickets for people who then didn’t go, failing to sell them and having to use one of those I’d failed to sell to get back into the venue.

It was of course astonishing. I’d never witnessed anything like Elizabeth Fraser’s intensity: she only ever said ‘thank you’ after each song, rocked back and forth into the mic and beat her chest whilst singing. And I’d never heard anything like the music which poured out of Robin Guthrie’s guitar and Simon Raymonde’s bass.

The poster adorned my wall for a year or two and then I rolled it up to move back home. It never made it to any wall again. Every now and then I plan to have it mounted and framed, but really it’s far too big. It now lives in a cardboard tube next to my speakers.

9 thoughts on “Relics 2: Cocteau Twins Poster

  1. I was at the Bristol Gig in 1990 as well having travelled from Newport in our College social activities van. Twas a special gig and I still get chills thinking about that gig. Liz truly has a special voice and however anxious, still managed to project an incredible presence!!!

    I was dyiing to go to the gig but I live in the Us now and work commitment got in the way 😦 I hope the Bath gig was as amazing as I imagined it to be,

  2. Hello Adrian – I know this post has been out for some time, but I don’t suppose you still have the poster? My local college record store had one when Heaven or Las Vegas came out and I literally didn’t have the roughly $18 to get it. Went back a week later when I did and it was gone of course. Have been looking for it off and on ever since. I now finally have a wall worthy of the poster but sadly no poster. Any chance you’d part with it?

    1. I feel your pain! I’m afraid to say I couldn’t part with it, even though it’s still way too big for any of my walls and more than a little bit tatty. I’m so sorry, but I hope you understand.

      1. Hi Adrian

        Thanks for the reply. I absolutely understand :). I saw them at Georgetown University in DC in 94. Phenomenal performance. Couldn’t understand a word thru Liz’s accent and that was before lyrics websites. No matter, still listen to HoLV weekly. Positivly one of the all time greatest recordings ever. Always good speaking with a fellow Twins fan.

        Best Regards

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