The Return of Free Swim

The fabulous Free Swim (aka Paul Coltafeanu) is back with another EP and he’s STILL not charging for his music.

As I’ve come to expect, it’s charming and clever but it is different from his previous madcap capers. Gone are the quirky concepts, gone are the quirky characters, gone are the jokey lyrics.

But the songs still have bags of character, and the playfulness is still there in the words and some of the titles (Vuvezela Venezuela) to prove that Paul hasn’t lost his sense of fun.

These aren’t sad songs but they are thoughtful, hazy, lovelorn and a little bit wistful. I’ve only listened a couple of times but my favourite so far is the lovely last song, The Snooze Function.

Download it by clicking below and while you’re at it, help yourself to three earlier EPs jam-packed with Free Swim fun and pop goodness.

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