New releases from EardrumsPop

It’s taken me a while to catch up with the latest releases from the ever-amazing EardrumsPop net label which, just for the sheer love of music, puts out high-quality Eps of high-quality music with high-quality artwork for absolutely no charge whatsoever.

The combined efforts of the bands, illustrators and the geniuses behind the label never cease to amaze me.

The three songs from London-based Lowpines are lo-fi and lovely, slow and simple. You can download the EP and find out all you need to know about them  here

The other new (ish) release comes from Sun Sister and it’s more angular than the fluid Lowpines but just as drenched in reverb which in my book is a Good Thing.  ‘Reverbed, rough and jangly’ is the way EardrumsPop describes Sun Sister and that tells you all you need to know.

Download the ep here.  And here’s the link to the home page. Honestly you could spend weeks filling up your library with beautiful songs and images.


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