Three Generations of mobile(ish) communication

Three Generations of mobile(ish) communication
iPhone, Phone Box, Police Box in Newport, South Wales
(c) Adrian Masters 2012

I pass this Police Box several times a day and have often thought about the way it was once pretty much the only form of mobile phone communication. The more modern phone box next to it is already passing into its own form of obsolescence as smartphones like my iPhone become ubiquitous.

I’ve also thought about the rectangular, upright shapes of all three forms of phone. Lining the three up together makes it looks like they belong next to each other.

As far as I know, this is the last remaining Police Box in Newport. When I was growing up, there used to be several and I was always disappointed that they weren’t blue like the Tardis in Doctor Who. At some stage in the eighties, the others were removed but this one, on Chepstow Road remained and some bright spark at the council thought to paint it blue. For many years a multi-coloured scarf was also painted around the middle. It’s a listed building now and gets a fresh lick of paint every now and then.

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