The Son(s) ‘Leviathan’

I found this band through SoundCloud: they introduced themselves, I listened & liked, then there was Twitter contact and before long it was time to commit to the relationship and buy their music. It wasn’t hard because the music is lovely and soothing and clever and a pleasure to listen to. Don’t take my word for it, you can listen to all their output on their Bandcamp page. Lots of it is free or you can buy the albums.

The Son(s) mini-album 'Leviathan' in cassette form.
A cassette: how do I play this thing?

When I bought their new mini-LP Leviathan, it came, yes in digital form, but also as a cassette and this presented me with a problem. I have no cassette player. Or I thought I didn’t.

In fact I found in my attic, an old non-Walkman personal stereo, dusted it off and then had to find some batteries before working out out how I used to play it.

In its time it was quite fancy with a reverse play function. But now that it was so unfamiliar to me, that became a real pain as I kept pressing play in one direction only for it to switch directions and then switch back.

Listening to these new songs on cassette, however, was quite enjoyable as they were wrapped in a strangely comforting ambient sound: a bit muggy, a little hiss.

The songs themselves are lush, warm and melodic. You may not get a cassette but the digital version will warm your heart just as much.

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