New lease of life for Newport Art College

The newly renovated Art College building, now luxury apartments
The old Newport Art College building, finally refurbished and transformed into posh flats

I was delighted to see the corrugated steel had finally been removed from the entrance to the old Art College building in Newport, revealing a brand new doorway and altogether making it look a far brighter building after decades of dilapidation and destruction.

Here’s a closer look at the door itself:

New entrance to the apartment building housed within Newport’s historic Art College

And if you’re wondering what it looks like behind the door, here’s a link to an article by South Wales Argus journalist David Deans with the inside view. If you want to see how bad it looked a few years ago, this is my article based on a programme I made for Radio Wales back in 2006. There are some horrifying photos of the pitiful state it was in by Jo Haycock and you can listen to the programme which includes an amazing find we unearthed: what we think is the earliest recording of Joe Strummer singing and playing guitar.

4 thoughts on “New lease of life for Newport Art College

  1. Hi Adrian, glad you got to take a peek of the full restoration, as did I! You might be interested to know that I’ve got an exhibition of some of the original photos at the Riverfront in mid-September. Jo

  2. I too was one of the students – 1966-69. we recently had a tour round the new apartments organised by saviles. we being the graphics group for those 3 years who had a re-union after 43 years, which was a riproaring success! scilla allen

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