Another Day – an unlikely version

Earlier this week I was in a hotel room in Birmingham where I was covering the Liberal Democrat’s conference. I saw Roy Harper singing Another Day on Later with Jools Holland, which was quite something in itself. Obviously I know and love the song because of Elizabeth Fraser’s version of it on the first This Mortal Coil Album. But that led me to look for other cover versions of it and I found one that I had no idea existed. It’s by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush – nothing too surprising there. But what is strange is that it’s from Kate Bush’s 1979 Christmas special and they seem to be attempting to act the song’s scenario which only adds to the weirdness. I particularly like Peter Gabriel’s final head-in-hands move near the end of the song. When it finishes and the audience applauds, I’m not sure if the look on their faces show emotional exhaustion or embarrassment.

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