21st Century Shoegaze

Cover art for I Break Horses single 'Hearts' by Vaughan Oliver

I don’t know anything about Gregg Araki, not having seen any of his films. I still don’t know much but after this Guardian item, I do know he’s on a one-man mission to share the music known as Shoegaze with the world. I don’t much like the S-word but I am a big fan of droney, dreamy, feedback-drenched, effects-laden music so I support him in his aim.

What’s more interesting, though, is the resurgence of this sort of music in 2011. I suppose it was inevitable as bands plunder the highways and by-ways of the past for inspiration. For goodness’ sake, I Break Horses’ artwork is even by Vaughan Oliver!

But it doesn’t seem like idle copying. Bands like Glasvegas, Warpaint and I Break Horses are bringing the fuzzy, dreamy sound into the 21st century and making something I thought was consigned to the past sound like something altogether new and different. They’re taking the best bits of it and, for now, appear to be leaving behind the worst Slowdive cliches.

Now, what happened to Curve?

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