Matt Greenough’s 2010 Top Ten

I thought the list-frenzy had ended, but happily I was wrong. Since the last two guest listers were Plaid people, my next guest restores the political balance. He is Matt Greenough, who’s the Communications Officer for Welsh Labour and someone else from the political world I’ve often enjoyed talking about music with. Now, does anyone else want to join in? Tweet me or leave a comment. How about bringing some gender balance or is list-making an exclusively male preserve?


Jonsi – Go Do

If he carries on producing stuff like this, we won’t suffer from the Sigur Ros hiatus too much.  Play this with your first coffee of the day, and you will achieve much.

Micah P Hinson – Stuck on the Job

From operatic grandeur, to dirty dust blown blues, he’s capable of just about anything – but it’s the simple melancholic confessionals that really grab me by the throat.


Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

The obligatory Arcade Fire song, but then how couldn’t you?  When your blood is still pumping slightly faster the day after seeing a band live, you know they’re a bit special.  Just a magical song.

Tom Jones – What Good Am I?

Praise and Blame is the kind of album Tom Jones should have been making for the last twenty years.


Sweet Baboo – Y’r Lungs

Stephen Black’s good natured, very North Walian and slightly shambolic stage presence both charmed and befuddled a sun-drenched crowd at Latitude this year.  This song contains the lyric “just a fool on a North Walian hill with a bottle of rum” which made it an instant personal favourite.  Don’t know why.


CW Stoneking – Jungle Blues

Swampy, stompy, bluesy brilliance by a strange man from Melbourne. He’s in Cardiff in February – go see.


Caitlin Rose – Coming Up

Not Americana, not alt-country, or any of those other tags designed to make Nashville more acceptable – just pure unadulterated beautiful country music brilliance. This would make Hank Williams go weak at the knees.

Vampire Weekend – Holiday

If you can listen to this song and not feel happier because of it, you need therapy.

Mimas – Application

If “ap” (not in the Welsh sense) was word of the year in 2010, then here’s the theme-tune for bloggers, tweeters and geeks everywhere, from a Danish four-piece I fell in love with at Cardiff’s Swn festival.

Eels – Baby Loves Me

In addition to the continual exploration of love, loss, depression, redemption and astrophysics… every now and again Mark Everett produces something for the sole purpose of getting your freak on. For best results, play loud (and ensure that your baby loves you).


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