Baffin Island

EardrumsPop is one of my favourite music sites. I love the fact that the bloke behind it is called Knut. I love his enthusiasm for indie-pop. And I’m open-mouthed at his seemingly miraculous ability to release high quality (in all senses) music and artwork for free. Earlier this year I downloaded some of the compilations for my holiday listening. Honestly, the standard is really high and the artwork is amazing. I’ve bought CD compilations with less to recommend them. They’re all still available on the EardrumsPop website. The latest project though is to release EPs – at least once a month – and again, the standard is incredibly high both for the music itself, the recordings and the artwork. Five EPs in and the latest, by Baffin Island is by far the best yet; it’ll cost you nothing to listen to it anyway.

UPDATE: Knut sent a message to say that he’s no longer the only one behind EardrumsPop but to give full credit to the other two Stefan and Tim. Glad to give credit where credit’s due.

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