War, Peace and the Raconteur

I’ve talked about the literary magazine, the Raconteur several times before now, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that it’s been relaunched as an online literary magazine. I hosted a session with the editors at this year’s BayLit festival in Cardiff to discuss the reasons why and how what they do is likely to be affected … More War, Peace and the Raconteur

Summer Fiction

]Thanks to the ever-vigilant EardrumsPop for pointing me in the direction of Summer Fiction and their lovely song Chandliers. You can download the single and the rest of the EP here for free, but best of all, enjoy this fabulous video which reminds me of so many 60s TV programmes. Look out for the bloke’s moist eyes and the … More Summer Fiction

Colorblind James

I was listening last night to the first two Colorblind James Experience albums, the first time in a long time. The songs really stand the test of time, particularly ‘Considering a Move to Memphis’ and ‘A Different Bob.’ They’re still quirky, amusing, endearing and strangely catchy. I’d completely forgotten, that my copy of the second … More Colorblind James

Baffin Island

EardrumsPop is one of my favourite music sites. I love the fact that the bloke behind it is called Knut. I love his enthusiasm for indie-pop. And I’m open-mouthed at his seemingly miraculous ability to release high quality (in all senses) music and artwork for free. Earlier this year I downloaded some of the compilations … More Baffin Island

All change

This blog has been private since I started it last March and if you can be bothered to scroll down you’ll see that I’ve been using it to try out different styles of blogging. From now on, this won’t be hidden from search engines, but it will continue to be my personal outlet. I have … More All change