Conrad & Me

I’ve previously mentioned those fine friends of mine at the Raconteur, a literary magazine full of idealism and optimism about literature and the sheer pleasure of writing and reading. Of course, my view is entirely unaffected by the fact they’ve given me chance to write at length about the literature I love. I want to share these with a wider world, but I don’t want to undermine their valiant attempts to make the magazine a going concern. So at the same time as urging you to go to the website to get yourself a subscription (Issue no.5 is out now*) I’m also going to upload the older pieces I wrote for them. Starting with this, from the first issue. It’s about Joseph Conrad and it speaks for itself.

Conrad Raconteur PDF

* Issue no.5 just happens to feature the first part of my Made-up Men, which looks at Don Draper and Jay Gatsby.

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