Friday evening catch-up

Friday evening and the first chance I’ve had to think about blogging links to the programmes. It has been quite a week and I blame my tiredness for being class dunce in Italian this morning.

So here’s the iplayer link for Dragon’s Eye. What you get is an in-depth look at what sort of First Minister Carwyn Jones is proving to be as he marks his first 100 days. The brilliant people of Porthcawl have some excellent (and hilarious) views on the man who is both their Assembly member and First Minister. There’s a good long interview with the man himself and Felicity plus Betsan Powys and a top notch panel of pundits having their say.

You can also see a really interesting interview with Lord Carlile. As independent reviewer of anti-terror laws what he says about those laws gets listened to. He had plenty to say that may alarm and will certainly surprise you about failures in communication between ministers and judges. And he calls for an end to the stop and search powers police have under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act.

Incidentally I was once stopped, but not searched, under Section 44. I was filming in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy in London. In fact I’d asked if I could film outside it but that was a vain hope. So the cameraman and I filmed on Kensington High Street outside the gates, but of course we were picked up on CCTV and a police car pulled up behind me while I was trying to perform my piece to camera (never an easy task given my poor memory.)

The police officers were very polite but had to go through the whole process (without the search of course). My officer was from Cardiff and as we got to talking once the formalitites were gone through, told me that the only other person he’d stopped in the same way because they were taking photos near the embassies, was a tourist from … Newport.

Back to the present day, Called to Order tonight saw a good discussion between Paul Flynn MP and Andrew RT Davies AM. We talked about who should be prevented from voting (they both thought peers should be allowed to vote, disagreed about prisoners); 100 days of Carwyn Jones (Flynn: a good leader, not a great orator; Davies: not inspiring or energising); Ashcroft-Whelan and farewell to the last Welsh Questions.  It should be here on the iplayer but I’ll update the link if it’s not.

On that note, Mrs M has prosecco and pasta lined up for my Friday night treat so I’ll blog off.

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