The Pope and Porthcawl

Well we know now – as the Archbishop of Cardiff suggested to me last week – that the Pope won’t be visiting Wales which means he won’t be going to Porthcawl (not that anyone was expecting him to do so.) I have been to Porthcawl today though for this week’s Dragon’s Eye filming. We were marking 100 days of Carwyn Jones as First Minister by setting up outside the fabulous Grand Pavillion which is in the FM’s constituency. Views ranged from the baffled (Who’s he?) to the adulatory (he’s the man for the job) to the vehement (“Can’t stand the man – he’s a socialist”). But my favourite was the woman who was saying some interesting things but out of sight of the camera. I asked her to repeat them and she agreed but only if we let her put her heels on. I asked why and the cameraman said her feet wouldn’t be in the shot. “It doesn’t matter, because they make me look thinner” she answered, whipped off her flat shoes and replaced them with the heels before giving us some good answers.

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