Beach House

I am enjoying Beach House on lovely vinyl at home and via download on my iphone and in the car. This is how music gets into all the nooks of modern life and I love it. I get grizzly if a vinyl LP doesn’t come with a download code and itchy if my favourite music exists only in file form. Weirdly though CDs have been almost completely squeezed out. Almost. Back to Beach House, though, each song is wonderful although Norway and Silver Soul are mini-epics. Before googling them I couldn’t tell if the singer was a man with a womanly tone to his voice or a woman with a manly tone.  It’s the latter. Some reviews compare Victoria Legrand’s voice with Nico’s. That’s just lazy. Sure it’s deep but not as gruff and monotonous and Nico’s could be. One more point: this is yet another band-to-love on Bella Union which has become THE label of choice for literate and artistic indie-pop.

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