Dragon Day part 1

It was my colleague Owain Clarke who named Thursdays “Dragon Day” because we pack a lot of work into a long day which culminates in the live broadcast of Dragon’s Eye at 7pm. My day starts early and I’m in the office by 7.30am, eating my muesli, drinking tea, checking emails, flicking through the papers, finalising my script and going through the tapes for my film.

Normally if I’ve filmed an interview I will have done it by now, but today I’m meeting the Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff, Peter Smith later this morning, so I have to make sure I’m fully prepared for that. I’m going to ask him about the Pope’s visit to Britain next year and then I’ll ask him about trust in politics and in religious leaders. Light-hearted eh?

That’s what’s happening at this stage of the morning then. I’ll try to update this throughout the day.

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