Spring in the Senedd

Ok. Another first. This one is blogging remotely using my iPhone. I know I tried it out last night but then there was wifi and USB cables and all that.

So here I am in the Senedd, the home of the Welsh Assembly. I’m here filming all day for my film for this eeek’s Dragon’s Eye.

Things are a bit different here today. Usually business begins around midday with the morning reserved for committees and other tasks. Today though AMs are packing two days’ worth of debates into one. And the reason for that is because yesterday everything was postponed because of a strike by civil servants.

And there are two views on that. On the one hand there are those in Labour and Plaid who support the strikers and who refused to cross the picket line. On the other side the Conservatives and Lib Dems say it sends out the message that government will just close down at the first sign of strife.

Either way they’re making up for lost time today. It may not quite be the ‘chaos’ that one AM described but its certainly a lot busier than usual.

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