Next step

Well I have to try this out. I’ve downloaded the WordPress iPhone app and this is me trying it out. Fascinating I know but a fellow has to learn somehow.

Race of a Lifetime

I’ve just finished reading this, known by the title GameChange in the US. It’s a great, gossipy guilty pleasure that reads like a racy novel. But given the response to certain key episode (for example Harry Reid’s apology over his ‘no negro dialect’ comments) I think we can accept that it’s largely authentic. Apparently based on … More Race of a Lifetime

First Post

So here goes. My first blogpost. I suppose it’s highly unlikely anyone will ever read it, but I have to begin somewhere. What will I write about? Well this is my personal blog and so, although there will be politics, you won’t find me expressing any party political views. There are BBC guidelines that I … More First Post