The Bill RIP

The news that ITV is axing the Bill after 27 years reminded me of my brush with the programme. In the early 90s I was living in a hall of residence in Tooting while I was training as a journalist. One morning there was a lot of noise and activity in my corridor and we … More The Bill RIP

Dragon’s Eye

The last Dragon’s Eye before Easter and before the General Election is now on the iplayer here. What can you expect? I’ve been trying to peer into the Budget small print to find out how much less the Welsh Assembly can expect to get in the coming years. As far as I can tell (and … More Dragon’s Eye

The Newport Banksy?

Could Banksy have crossed the Bristol channel and moved to Newport? Almost certainly not. Even so this graffito has appeared beneath the flyover on the way into Newport in the last couple of days so maybe he has an admirer here. Will Newport art gallery host a special exhibition. Again, probably not. In the meantime … More The Newport Banksy?

Beach House

I am enjoying Beach House on lovely vinyl at home and via download on my iphone and in the car. This is how music gets into all the nooks of modern life and I love it. I get grizzly if a vinyl LP doesn’t come with a download code and itchy if my favourite music … More Beach House